Sunday, March 30, 2008

Filipino inventors: Lost in the Abyss

It is sad why Philippines, has lost too much of her intelligent daughters and sons. They had gone to travel diverse lands just to try their luck, for nothing awaits them in their own land. For example inventors in the Philippines lack moral support from our government. This means the start of the human extinction of inventors in the Philippines, not for the reason that they die but because they migrate in countries with which give much endeavor to their pleas. An inventor doesn’t thinks to much of the money he or she can earn from the creation but by seeing others use his inventions and observe the great impact it gives to human being is at great stake in him.

According to the TV program of GMA seven “Diyos at Bayan”, inventors can not live in the Philippines a luxurious life even though he or she can formulate a good innovation because he earns only a little bet from what he ought to have. I am well aware that the Philippines lacks budget but what I can not understand is the current situation for our government lacks affection with their entreaty. Now I am sentient, in support of, our country has lost too much talent in technology. We can not blame them for they also need money in order for them to live. According to the later program, “Filipinos are talented but the root why Philippines don’t improve its present setting is because our government doesn’t even claim to attend their needs. If only our government will give a serious support to our inventors, maybe our country will be a developing society”. A country with an increasing working force, ample jobs and increasing economy.

I am lonely about the present situation of our country but it takes a good leader to answer our call, a good leader with aspirations of the talent of his/her people. And will be submissive to attend in supporting us.

Its hot and We need a change

It was a hot, dumped and sweaty summer. I am tired, exhausted, stressed and uncomfortable about the household chores I need to do but it was too hot and I can not manage the stress of being so stinky and wet from over perspiration( diaphoresis) due to the abnormal global warming. It is for this new millennium, that the summer and even fall becomes so hot especially in tropical countries like Philippines. Sadly, we must be aware that this is the products of our misdeeds that led us on our own sufferings.

First of all, I would like to tackle why is that we are getting hot years and years. The primary reason is the Carbon dioxide emitted by automobiles, factories and other manly inventions that was created to make human life easier. Lest the medium of total anguish. We can not do a short term answers in this questions but we can do 2 things for now to answer, the problems we, man of the blue planet had made. First is the long term answer, as we all know carbon dioxide trapped in our atmosphere can be lessen if we will only plant tress. I am not telling you to hike and travel far flung areas just to plant tress in virgin forest or deserted areas. Think, we live in one planet and one surface so carbon dioxide travel and travel time by time. Planting in our backyard foot bearing trees can be your major help in this combat. The fruit bearing tress absorbs carbon dioxide for them to nourish their fruit bearing capacity. So as carbon dioxide absorbed, it gives off oxygen that is vital for us human and other living things to survive. Second thing we can do to avoid the great impact of global warming is to due precautionary methods to escape the heat, specially the summer heat.
To ensure good reading, I have outlined it below:
• You can take vacation from the beautiful beaches of different places.

• Try using light color clothing, such as white, sky blue, gray (dirty white) and you can also try wearing summer shirts with a blend of short pants and sandals. Cold isn’t it?
• Don’t exert too much force- yep, we can do our jobs well but it is not advisable to exert too much effort. You can work at ease and avoid exerting too much stress on your work because you only make your body sweaty making you susceptible for acquisition of diseases.
• Drink plenty of cold water.Drink 96 ounces (3 Liters) of water each day to burn up to 200 extra calories a day! -
• Try eating ice creams, Halo Halo and even ice cold foods.

This is only the some of the things you can do for you to escape the exhillirating summer heat. But if you want to help our world restore its beauty and if you want your children and future grand children avoid this dilemma. Plant trees and avoid too much usage of materials that emits smoke such as car, if the place you reachable by just walking or biking. You can also try to recycle your trash because burning this and putting it on the dumpsite adds more pollution to our mother earth. Thanks for reading my article.

Money, blog and online

Are you tired of the monthly payment of your electric and internet Fee that slowly zips your monthly allowance and your profile. Well, there is an easy way to manage all that stress. You do not need a lot of things to do to earn, by the way who says you can not earn by just sitting around, writing anything about your favorite stuffs, making your own happy or sad diary, telling stories about what you had experienced on your last travel and any thing that you wish to write. Try to spare some of your time and earn a lot just by clicking your internet explorer and post your writings in your blog.

Why do I need to blog?
There are numerous and gainful profits you can earn by just simply posting your writings on your blog.

1. You will be Famous- most of your friends will have the time to search your blog and let them see whats in you. They will know what you feel and they will give good criticisms in you. But if it turned out to be "the not so good criticism" well don't mind them instead try to make it as your turning point to improve yourself.

2. You will have a good storage of your daily writing- Yes blog will be a good treasure box of your writings. It can never be lost, deleted (unless you delete it), can not be burnt (it’s not a paper), and you can find it easily (its internet).

3. You can earn- Yes this is the most important you can have by just typing your favorite things in your blog. If your writings are well interesting, others may have the urge to view your blog, and spread you blog site. More visitors in your blog, the more the profit you will earn. There are numerous things that you can start by making your blog. I prefer this site is easy for beginners and for those non-working force causes this site is where I started and it doesn’t ask for your initial down payment niyahahaha. Try to locate layout portion and add a page element- by clicking “AdSense” Google will help you to earn and monetize your blog. But if you want to earn you need a lot to do in order for you to monetize your blog. You need to write interesting things, that may give interests to readers and if you’re a good writer, others will visit your account until your blog will be famous. Many people visiting your blog mean many people who will be interested to click the ads in the site or in the end of your blog pages.

You can now start making your blog but let me tell you; if you want to earn you need to be patient. Be patient enough to write and to wait for the confirmation of Adsense. Thanks guy for visiting my blog. Moreover, the more the visitors of your blog mean the more the persons to click the advertisements of Google ads. Who will have a great percentage in every click on those ads that is how you make your money.

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